9 Reasons to use AngularJS for Responsive Web Application development

It is a collectively concurred thought that organizations today have gotten increasingly advanced to encourage development. Everyone needs to play around with a lump of income that gets produced because of a digital presence and needs to be on the Internet. With a monstrous number of sites as of now on the web, each spending day just brings more sites on the web. 

With such serious challenge, the need to have easy to understand and intelligent web applications are getting extremely essential for driving the achievements of businesses. AngularJS serves as the ideal structure to stand out for delivering versatile arrangements following the necessities of individuals.

AngularJS is an open-source framework that lies on the foundation of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. AngularJS is mostly utilized when a dynamic view is needed on the websites. It aids the developers by making the whole process of web development very easy yet efficient. It outspreads the HTML jargon by executing the highlights during the run-time, thereby resulting in expanded understandability of the code and furthermore making the development procedure effortless.

AngularJS for Responsive Web Application development

It outspreads the HTML vocabulary by executing the features during the run-time thus resulting in increased comprehensibility of the code and also making the development process faster. Adding to it, here are a few more reasons why you must consider AngularJS for Responsive Web Development.

1. Optimized Security of Responsive Web Applications

To secure an AngularJS application, a business should simply follow the great safety measures that following you are as of now. Additionally, you need to guarantee that all sessions on the server are secure and you need to make preparations for irregular calling patterns and injection attacks. In the event that your business needs to uncover the Angular front-end to a more prominent populace, there are numerous instruments you can set up to keep away from cross-site scripting assaults. The $http module of Angular gives CSRF security, however, you should do server work to help functionality. You will locate that Angular backings exacting articulation assessment and will enable you to use severe logical getting away. This ought to decrease your concerns with regards to customer side security. AngularJS is fantastically adaptable so you will likewise have the option to actualize outsider security libraries like OAuth.

2. Ease of creating web-applications

This is the most important thing that compels the developers to choose AngularJS. It helps them create web applications easily with no hassle. It accompanies ng-mode and ng-class which are a portion of the regular tasks in JQuery. Additionally, when the applications are being created in AngularJs, the two-way data saving and binding tasks require just a few lines of code. 

3. Great Community Support

Since AngularJS is an offspring of Google, it comes in with huge credibility which has attracted a lot of developers to opt for it.  There is an enormous community of highly-skilled AngularJS developers who are talented enough to make upgrades with the open-source system of AngularJS. They have meetings and conferences of Angular Js while welcoming IT organisations from around the world to furnish them with bits of knowledge in regards to the progressions and new advancements in the innovation.

 4. Offers secure access management.

One worry that numerous endeavours have with regards to upgrading an application for the utilization of AngularJS is whether it can use existing security strategies to keep up the level-of-access restrictions as ordered by departmental rules. Luckily, because of the adaptability and flexibility of AngularJS, there are numerous choices that you can opt for to incorporate the current domain systems into the security stream and login of the application. Since AngularJS is just a front-end inclusion, you can't benefit from this usefulness without supplemental libraries. Luckily, there are numerous supplemental libraries like Idapjs that will enable you to actualize single sign-on by means of association among libraries and AngularJS. You can use these outside libraries by fusing some code and doing a security audit to distinguish any presented vulnerabilities.

5. Easy leveraging of data

One of the primary benefits of AngularJS is that it doesn't have any limitations with regards to the basic data management system. AngularJS applications are normally actualized using RESTful APIs which enable clients to get to the basic database. On the off chance that you utilize preexisting internal APIs, you can utilize an Angular application to supplant existing frontend code. This licenses you to re-use server-side security effectively and rapidly. Additionally, if the application you need to supplant was worked with a web application system like Rails or Django, then the migration will be as simple and quick as a front-end swap. This will make it exceptionally simple to improve the performance of your site with the order based usage style of Angular.

6. Boosts testability for web applications

Gradually, you should make changes to your web application to support execution and address any issues. Be that as it may, if your web application is hard to test, you will most likely be unable to distinguish the issues or areas where there is an opportunity to get better. An enormous advantage of AngularJS for endeavours is that it helps the testability of the web application. Dependency Injection (DI) is the centre of AngularJS, which clarifies which are the areas that require testing. Even on the official website of AngularJS, testing makes a very dominant portion. AngularJS has sufficient documentation regarding testing therefore, it is very easy and effortless to test with AngularJS.

7. Enables efficient Parallel Development

One biggest issue that the development industry faces while working simultaneously on a single project is stepping on each other’s toe.  One more advantage of AngularJS

Is that it allows easy collaboration of developers. Developers can very easily share the script that they have created in AngularJS by utilizing Dependency Injection. Dependency Injection has made it workable for the developers to coordinate the modules previously created with AngularJS. There are numerous libraries present that enable AngularJS to imbibe new features in the projects.  

8. Proficiency in a practical amount of time

A web designer can learn and start using AngularJS very effortlessly and rapidly. This helps to diminish the development time by accelerating the procedure and furthermore decreases the expense for the development. AngularJS can be learned in a matter of moments by the individuals who are working or have prior knowledge of other JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery or Backbone.j. If you know how to code in JavaScript there is no issue in learning AngularJS.

9. Lesser Coding

The entire procedure of coding requires unbearable insights regarding a language and actualizing complex arrangements. AngularJS is used to improve the entire procedure. Unlike JavaScript, the AngularJS framework depends upon HTML also, enabling it to effortlessly make intelligent UIs. This is significant for the simple production of interactive web applications. It basically makes it conceivable to accomplish more with less coding, without expecting to lose time on an immense measure of complexities all the time.


AngularJS has increased significant traction in the realm of web development in the previous few years. Numerous companies are currently beginning to hold onto AngularJS as a suitable decision for new activities that are beyond the domain of greenfield advancement. Many tech giants like Google, Amazon, Lyft, Udemy, Snapchat, Tokopedia, and MIT etc all have AngularJS as an inseparable part of their tech stack which establishes the fact that it is one of the best and most renowned JavaScript frameworks.

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