10 Most Popular Types of Websites

In today’s digital era, the internet is flooded with various types of websites already, and new ones are popping in every day in huge numbers. It’s estimated that there are more than 1.25 billion websites on the web. These websites are scattered on the World Wide Web like stars in the galaxy, there are just too many of them. There was once a time when the sites were only text-based and were utilised solely by government organisations or some big names to convey information and fast forward to today even the smallest of businesses have their own website. Although the number of these websites might be overwhelming, they can be easily classified as ten different types.

In spite of the sheer amount of sites on the web today, no two are genuinely equivalent. There is a wide range of classification of websites, with each filling an alternate need, wearing an alternate plan, and accompanying fluctuating structure costs. 

Here are ten of the most well-known kinds of sites you'll see around the web. While there's some cover between the various classifications, by and large, each kind of site has specific objectives to accomplish and its own arrangement of best practices. Take a deep dive into this classification and have detailed information about

Different types of websites:

1. Blogs

Blogs have been a most loved and preferred choice of websites for individuals and families who wish to archive the huge events of their lives, for example, weddings, babies or their precious moments. Nowadays, the cutting option; blogging has gotten on the high tide and has become incredibly well known. Blogs are also great for presenting your personal style, sharing your favourite recipes or showcasing your hobbies or anything in that case to the world. Blogs are normally updated habitually, and more seasoned posts can be seen through archives.
The most common way to build a blog is by utilising a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Ghost, etc. The most renowned out of these is Wordpress which is used by small bloggers to high-end brands.

A fantastic example of an amazing blog is Real Mom Recs. This is an aesthetically built blog which gives tips on pre-maternity issues, pregnancy, and other postpartum related issues.Real Mom Recs

2. Business/Corporate Websites

A business site is any site that is committed to depicting a particular business. It ought to be branded like the company (a similar logo and positioning) and convey the sorts of items as well as services the company/ business offers. At this point, each company out there, whether big or small, ought to have a site. It's the need of the hour. Each potential client you come across will simply expect that in the event that they Google your business searching for more data, they'll discover a site. What's more, in case they don't, it makes the business look less professional or legitimate.
The most straightforward way to build an informative website for your business is by using business tools like Wordpress, Wix, PageCloud, or Squarespace. However, if you're looking for a professional site, you might want to get it developed from an experienced Business Website Development Company.The Fool is an excellent example of an impact business website. It provides stock investment advice and looks very alluring with it minimal yet effective design.Business website

3. NGO /Non-Profit Websites

Just like brands and businesses, Non –profit organisations and NGOs also require a website. Similarly that organisations need sites to be their online nearness, not-for-profits do too. A nonprofit website is the most straightforward path for some potential contributors to give donations and to know more about an Organisation to make their mind about whether or not will they make the donation. On the off chance that you are thinking about beginning an NGO, at that point assembling a site for your association is an essential advance in demonstrating your authenticity and contacting more individuals. You can utilise it to advance the ventures your association handles, urge devotees to make a move, and for accepting donations.
Most of the times, the budget for building a nonprofit website is meagre (no budget in some cases). So, you can utilise some open-source tools like the fermium version of Wix or Wordpress.

BritWeb is one of the types of websites on a social impact agency which works for amplifying the impact of global changemakers. They have a very comprehensive site that gives ample information about their organisation.Ngo

4. E-Commerce Websites

The websites where users can shop and makes purchases are called E-Commerce Websites. All of would have used these sites a myriad of times, and they have become a must-have for every selling business. With the advancement in website development technology, it has become relatively easy to build an E-Commerce site and start selling.
The best way to build an E-Commerce Site is through Shopify, which allows you to incorporate all the essential shopping features such as an inventory display, a shopping cart and a payment gateway into your website. Other than Shopify, you can also use tools like WooCommerce and Weebly to build a sophisticated store with numerous products.
A groundbreaking E-Commerce website example is BeardBrand. This website is built on Shopify and has emerged one of the most successful sites ever made on it.e-commerce

5. Educational Websites

The sites of educational organisations and those providing online courses fall into the class of educational sites. These sites have the essential objective of either giving study materials to visitors or giving data on an educational organisation to them. Some educational sites will have ads like entertainment and media sites do. Some offer membership models or educational items for procurement. What's more, some fill in as the digital presence for an educational organisation.
As a result of the expanding interest for these sites, numerous reasonable apparatuses offer this utility. Ordinarily, a knowledge base feature will be incorporated as a piece of online tools, for example, ZenDesk, Intercom, or Freshworks. Be that as it may, the are some web builders like Wix that offer this usefulness out-of-the-crate.

Academic Earth has a beautiful website that provides many online courses and along with it gives information about various universities.educational website

6. Entertainment Website

Entertainment sites contain consistently refreshed substance on current undertakings, climate, sports and amusement. News destinations like CNN and entertainment biggies like ELLE both fall into this classification. The content on media locales is dynamic, which means it's refreshed normally. Enormous media locales will distribute numerous articles and recordings each and every day. The majority of these sites do mean to make cash like business and e-commerce sites do, yet for the most part through the ads that appear on the page as opposed to through selling explicit items or services.
Since such websites need to be highly dynamic, you can use platforms like Dreamweaver, WordPress, or Blogger, or you can get it built professionally from a skilful web development company.

Elle is one of the most influential beauty magazines, and their website speaks for itself. It's minimal yet so elegant.

7. Portfolio Website

Portfolio Websites are great for showcasing your work; everyone fro photographers to models are utilising such sites to flaunt their work to potential clients. Essentially utilised by those in the creative business, a portfolio site can be utilised like a CV, showing your abilities so as to dazzle customers, clients, or future prospects. 
To assemble a noteworthy portfolio that enables your work to stick out, you need a powerful website builder like Squarespace. This platform has the best apparatuses for every web designer, letting you make a fantastic looking webpage in a few hours. Portfoliiobox, Wix and PageCloud are some other excellent alternatives.
Yuko Takahashi, an artist, photographer and designer, has gone a step ahead in building his portfolio. Any visitor landing on his page will be mesmerised by its aesthetics and will be compelled to hire him immediately. entertainment website

8. Social Media Websites

We are all aware of the giants Instagram and Facebook; who doesn’t know of them? However, social media comes in various forms. These websites are normally made to let individuals share contemplations, pictures or thoughts, or just associate with others corresponding to a specific topic. Social media websites are progressively turning into the go-to goal for individuals to find out about the news., shop and connect with people. Social media is creating a substantial impact in every domain.
On the off chance that sooner or later you had a thought for the next incredible social media website and were restricted by a shoestring spending plan, you could investigate Ning or Social Engine which permit you to begin with a limited budget for your groundbreaking plan for a new social media site.
Tumblr is a renowned social media site which allows people to share whatever they want; Comprising of almost 4890 lakh blogs, it is literally an assortment of everything that you can think of.tumblr

9. Forums

Network or Social Forums are an incredible method to connect and share thoughts with individuals with similar interests or from comparative foundations through the internet. This intelligent element can be the fundamental focal point of the site or only a piece of it with the goal that guests can talk about what the site is about.
In spite of what you may be figuring, constructing a forum isn't excessively troublesome or costly. Wix Forum and WordPress (utilizing bbPress) both make it truly moderate to make a forum that can be incorporated into your current Wix or WP site. In case you're searching for something which is progressively customized to the requirements of forum users and that can be coordinated into pretty much any site, Website Toolbox may be what you're searching for.
Reddit calls itself as the front page of the internet and is one of the most popular forums to have ever existed. Registered members can submit any sort of content on any topic whatsoever.

10. Web Portals

Online interfaces or Web Portals are sites intended for internal purposes at a business, association or an organisation. They gather data in various configurations from various sources into one spot to make all crucial data open to the individuals who need to see it. They frequently include a login and customised views for various users that guarantee the data that is open is generally helpful to their specific needs.
Web Portals can be efficiently created using either Joomla or Drupal as they both have the plugins required to develop a web portal using various modules and components.
MSN is a popular web portal that brings in information from a variety of sources like e-mails, search engines and online forums.Web portals


With the above mentions types of websites, we hope that you would’ve gained vivid information about the same, which would help you choose the right one for your business. As should be obvious, with the current technological development, it's workable for pretty much anybody to construct any kind of site. The key is calculating your site prerequisites and arranging them according to a device with which you feel good. Getting a website is simple, with the ideal individual or association structuring it for you; you can accomplish more by selling your business thoughts. Not just startups, but also established corporates have the benefit of picking the kind of site that is appropriate for them viewing expenses of facilitating just as accessibility on web search tools. There are other numerous sorts of sites, for example, catalogue sites, cell phone sites, and instructive sites.

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